Your support

Types of gifts

Friends of the Stefan Batory Foundation accepts contributions in cash or in appreciated property (stocks, bonds, mutual funds or real estate). It also accepts wills and bequests. Friends of the Stefan Batory Foundation has a a status of a Private Foundation within the meaning Sections 501(c)(3) of the IRS. Donations to the Friends f Stefan Batory Foundation are deductible up to 30% of donor’s adjusted gross income in the fiscal year).

Types of support

By making a contribution to Friends of the Stefan Batory Foundation you may fund one of the Stefan Batory Foundation programs, establish a donor advised fund, a named fund, partner fund or a charitable trust. Your support may be in the form of a one-time donation or spread over a several years.

Donor Advised Grant or Fund
Donor makes a contribution specifying the project or program area he/she wants to fund.

A donor who wishes to remain anonymous donated USD 120,000 to establish
K Fund to support rural libraries and scholarships for children from rural areas.

Named Fund - Annual giving program
The donor commits to contribute funds to a particular program area in a multi year perspective through an annual giving plan.

The Maxwell Fund - Mr and Mrs Maxwell pledged to support on the annual basis the educational projects in the area of Siedlce county in Poland.

Named Company Fund
The donor may open a Named Fund at the Foundation and specify what sort of projects, programs or initiatives should be funded from this account. The donor may also decide to narrow the funding to a particular geographical area or to a target audience. The fund is named after the donor in memory of a family member or friend or in honor of someone the donor wants to commemorate. A minimum of USD 25 000 is needed to start a named fund.

The Beata Pawlak Fund - a named fund established out of monies bequeathed by a journalist and writer who died in the terrorist attack in Bali. As requested by the donor, the fund awards an annual prize of USD 3,000 to an author of an article or publication on foreign cultures, religions and civilisations.

Partner Fund
The Foundation and the donor agree to co-fund projects of mutual interest, (culture, education, social welfare, ethnic minorities, human rights, others). The funds donated by the donor are matched by the Foundation thus increasing the size of the contribution to the community.

The Commercial Union Fund - Commercial Union Poland contributes on a yearly basis USD 50,000 to its charitable fund administered by the Foundation and used to support equal opportunities projects for disabled children and youth. The Company has donated a total of USD 500,000 for charitable programs since 1996.

Endowment Funding/Charitable Trust
The donor donates a gift in cash, stocks, equities to contribute to the Foundation's endowment or to create an endowed Charitable Trust. The earnings on the principal fund the program activity or particular projects of the donor's interest. The trust can be named after the donor, in a memory of a family member or friend or in honor of someone the donor wants to commemorate.

The M Fund - an endowed fund of USD 200,000 established on the basis of a private donation used to support equal opportunities and health care projects.