If you would like to make a gift or to know more about planned giving opportunities at Friends of the Stefan Batory Foundation, including opportunities to purchase a gift annuity or if you would like to receive a confidential, personalized illustration of the tax and financial benefits of a life income gift such as a trust, please contact:

Friends of the Stefan Batory Foundation
c/o Ben Phillips, Administrator
1209 G St, NE
Washington DC 20002
United States of America
Phone: (202) 396-8151
Fax: (202) 396-8171

For donations in the United Kingdom

If you want to support the programs of Stefan Batory Foundation in the United Kingdom you can make your contribution through the Oxford-based Stefan Batory Trust. United Kingdom residents may thus claim the maximum tax benefits allowed by law for their contributions.

Stefan Batory Trust
c/o Beata Ekert
38 Fogwell Road, Oxford OX2 9SB,

For donations in Poland

Stefan Batory Foundation is a tax-exempt organization under article 17 of Polish corporate income tax. All donations made to the Stefan Batory Foundation by residents in Poland are tax deductible (up to 10% of the income under Polish Corporate Income Tax Law and up to 6% under Polish Personal Income Tax).

The Stefan Batory Foundation
Ewa Kulik-Bielinska, Information and Development Director
Sapiezynska 10 a
00-215 Warszawa
Phone: (+48 22) 536 02 59
Fax: (+48 22) 536 02 20